No. 1 Thumb player in the world “TSMentity Jonathan”.

•Tsm-entity Jonathan is one of the best and popular PUBG Mobile player in India.
• Jonathan jude amaral aka Tsm-entity Jonathan, is one of the best Assaulter in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale games in India. It has inspired Indian players so much so that many of them are opting to make a career out of mobile gaming.
Players who have seen TSM-Entity Jonathan’s gameplay observe how good he is as an assaulter in PUBG Mobile.
•He is the Assaulter of Tsm-entity esports.
•He has 28 kills onto his name in the pmco fall split global finals 2019. He was 4th with highest kills in the tournament.
He dealt 6240 damage. He was the 3rd highest damage dealer in the same tournament.

If you watch streams of PUBG Mobile players for improving your game-play, then you must have heard of TSM-Entity Jonathan.

Is Jonathan the best pubg player in India?Answer – Yes, currently he is the best assaulter in India. People who follow esports will certainly agree to my answer. He along with Scout are listed as the best players of India.Things which make him the best are :-

He is amongst first ones in India who introduced zero recoil M416 + 6x spray.

He is a thumb player and gyro scope-on player.His performance proved that practice is the key to success. (Many players watching him have shifted to two finger.)

He certainly is one of the best granaders in India.

He is the one who introduced jiggle movement during close range fights. ( Its very difficult to defeat him in close range fights.)

Even when Mortal was asked who is the best pubg player in India?
He answered scout and Jonathan are the best PUBG players in India.
TAPA..TAAP.. BOLTE!! (JONATHAN’S famous dialogue).

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