Anime Popularity in India.

Anime character

 I think Anime is becoming quite popular in India.

The concept of anime was foreign to almost everyone. However, things have changed now. Almost every second youngster I came across is familiar to what anime is and every fourth youngster I come across is an Otaku. Given the size of the population of our country, the ratio isn’t bad at all. Recently, the crunchyroll revealed the chart which countries had the most anime viewers on their site and India ranked 4th AHEAD OF PHILIPPINES. The problem here is the bad marketing.

Online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon has anime series Like My hero academia, Elfen lied, and death note. I think the main reason behind this is, most people in our country are not interested in cartoons as whole. They think cartoons are for kids and it is meaningless to watch them as adults.

The Animax Asia was their when there was a less usage of internet in India and most of the people didn’t even ‘know’ about the anime. By the time more and more people started using internet, DTH had already stopped broadcasting animax channel. Moreover, it should be noted that during its last years, animax was only airing 4-5 anime and kept showing the repeat telecast of the episodes hell number of times. In such scenario, people would obviously prefer kissanime or gogoanime over Animax.

Anime is also very poorly marketed in India. Lack of Animecon or Otaku festival or difficult to find anime merchandise is a proof of it. I can vouch for the fact that anime among Indians is more popular than it is among the Europeans(Spain would be the only exception). But despite that, Anime is very much appreciated in the European market. They have acknowledged the fact that there are people who are very fascinated with the anime or Otaku culture.

The same has not been recognized in India yet. However, the times are changing. There are now some Otaku events held in India as well. We even managed to release Tenki no ko in India. There are chances that after few decades, anime would not only become an integral part of an Indian culture but it will also give a new shape to our culture. Being an Otaku in India was quite lonely but now I am even more sad as there is an increase in popularity and I no longer feel unique .

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