COVID-19 : How to disinfect your phone without any damage.

There is no denying the fact that the fear of coronavirus has gripped every individual across the state. Meanwhile, to exercise caution medical experts around the world have adviced everyone to regularly sanitize themselves to prevent the infection from spreading.But how to Disinfect your phone without any damage?

However, the level of fear has gone to such an extent that people are now cleaning their tech gadgets primarily mobile phones with sanitizers. The use of sanitizer to clean mobile phones has hampered the use of the gadgets as the mobile phones are getting damaged.

COVID-19 : How to disinfect your phone without any damage.

In a interview to Amar Ujala a mobile mechanic from Delhi has claimed that that many people are sanitizing the mobile in such a way that the sanitizer is entering the headphone jack. Due to which there is a short circuit in the phone. Apart from this, the display and camera lenses have also been damaged extensively. Meanwhile, mobile users can opt for non – alcohol medical wipes available in the market to clean their speaking gadgets. Through these wipes, you will be able to clean the corners and back panel of the phone properly.

So how to Disinfect your phone without any damage?

Caution must be exercised while cleaning mobile phones. Firstly turn off your mobile phone . Immerse one piece of cotton into the sanitizer. Now clean the screen of your phone with this in a straight line. But keep in mind that there should be a little rubbing alcohol in the cotton. It is better to consult your nearby mobile shops before do it yourselves. As different phones come with different set of displays and functions. There are also anti-bacterial tissue papers available in selected stores which can be used to clean mobile phones much effectively.

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