PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 Finals

The PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 is ended.TSM-Entity secured the first position with dominating the tournament and winning a cash price of Rs 20,00,000.
A total of 16 teams featured in the grand finale, out of 70,000 PUBG Mobile teams. Each and every team that participated in PMIS 2020 performed impressively, while also competing fiercely against one another.


PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 kicked off in May and was open for all to participate. A total of 248 teams were initially selected for the pre-qualifiers that was later increased to 992. The pre-qualifiers saw 62 groups where each team was grouped with a total of 16 teams. Top 4 teams in each group (total 248) further advanced to Round 1 of the tournament. A total of seven professional teams were directly invited to this round. 57 qualifying teams went further to the quarter-final round where seven more professional teams were added which meant a total of 64 teams.

# Total prize pool :- 50,00,000

1 The Chosen One: Fnatic’s Owais with two MVP’s.
2 The Annihilator: TSM-Entity’s ZGOD with a total damage of 5041.
3 The Wanderer: TSM-Entity’s Neyo with a total distance travel of 32.68 kilometers.
4 Headshot Expert: TSM-Entity’s Jonathan with a total of 8 headshots.
5 The Exterminator: TSM-Entity with a total of 77 kills.
6 The Grenadiers: Orange Rock with a total of four grenade kills.
7 People’s Choice Awards: Once again, TSM-Entity won the title of most popular squad among the community at the PMIS 2020.

TSM-Entity has emerged as the winner of PUBG Mobile India Series 2020. Apart from being titled as champions, the team has won a total of Rs 20,00,000. There was a tough fight for the second position but in the end, it was Fnatic that clinched the second spot with Mayhem placed in third place. They win a sum of Rs 5,00,000 and Rs 3,00,000 respectively.
# Point table at the end of tournament:

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