Samsung launched Odyssey G9 -The killer Gaming moniter

Samsung has launched its next-generation gaming monitor, which was earlier unveiled at the CES 2020.
•The Odyssey G9 Gaming Moniter won the CES Innovation Award 2020 in the Computer Peripherals and Accessories category.

Feature –

The Odyssey G9 gaming moniter features an ultra-wide 49-inch monitor that curves around the player. It fills your entire field of view for a fully immersive gaming environment. For games that feature a map or inventory, conventional monitors might require you to scroll to take all its content; but with the Odyssey G9, all it takes is a single glance.

Samsung logo- odyssey G9 making company
Samsung logo

The G9 has 49-inch Dual Quad High-Definition (DQHD; 5120×1440 resolution) screen that offers a deep and immersive 1000R curvature. The monitor will deliver a powerful combination of features . Including rapid 1ms response time with a 240Hz refresh rate and also crystal clear QLED picture quality for gaming in dual QHD.
And with dynamic and seamless action scene-by-scene enabled by NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatibility and Adaptive Sync on DP1.4, the Odyssey G9 is said to present a new kind of gameplay experience.

Its Infinity Core Lighting features 52 colors and 5 lighting effects set behind the display which ends up lighting up the whole room. Users can choose to have just one color illuminate their room whilst gaming or have colors alternate by choosing from the ‘rainbow’, ‘blink’ or ‘fast blink’ effects.

The odyssey G7 Moniter
The odyssey G7 Moniter

The Odyssey G9 and G7 received a tremendous welcome in Malaysia . where pre-order started on 29 June 2020 , and sold out completely on first day. For those who missed out the offer, Samsung Malaysia has extended the pre-order period until 31 August 2020. (or while stocks last).

Samsung’s G9 will be globally available in June. For more information, please visit:-

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